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 Some technologies just haven’t changed that much in the last two thousand years. Case in point: stormdrains. The picture below is of a Roman Empire stormdrain situated in the ruins of Conimbriga, in central Portugal.


Conimbriga stormdrain


 The Roman ruins at Conimbriga are a forty-five minute bus ride away from the modern-day city of Coimbra, where this stormdrain picture was taken. 

Coimbra stormdrain






Thanks to Leo for taking and sharing these pictures.

For me, the defining feature of San Francisco’s sidewalks is their steepness. It’s hard to walk anywhere in San Francisco without encountering a steeply sloping sidewalk (and street).  

Telegraph Hill




This manhole cover looks strikingly similar to the one above it--yet they are not identical. Can you spot the differences?




 The purple glass in this manhole cover reminds me of a sidewalk I saw in Seattle



I took these photos on a recent trip to Morocco and Western Sahara. Volubilis, a former Roman settlement in central Morocco that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has a number of stormwater drains that are still intact.

Taken in Fez (even though the manhole cover says Meknes)


Also in Fez

Roman stormwater drain in Volubilis

Another Roman stormwater drain in Volubilis

Dakhla, Western Sahara