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Sidewalks of Wegrow, Poland

Posted: March 21, 2017 in sidewalks
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Wegrow is a small town (population: 12,000) in eastern Poland, located about an hour NE of Warsaw. I took these pictures in 2009 when I visited Poland on a pilgrimage to my paternal grandparents’ homeland. IMG_2713IMG_2943IMG_2944.JPGIMG_2946.JPGIMG_2950IMG_2953.JPGIMG_2951.JPG


Miedzna is a village of 1,400 residents located about an hour east of Warsaw. The streets, laid out in a grid, mostly lack sidewalks.  


This sidewalk is in front of Miedzna's elementary school.

Over 85% of Warsaw was destroyed by the Nazis during World War II. The Old Town section of Warsaw, now fully reconstructed, has wide, beautifully landscaped sidewalks.  On Sundays, some of the streets in Old Town are closed to vehicles, and I saw many families and students strolling leisurely.

Old Town

Old Town

Old Town

Cars were parked directly on the sidewalk, near Jana Pawla Avenue.

Planters prevent cars from taking over the sidewalk. (Jana Pawla Avenue)

Interspersed metal poles to keep cars away from the sidewalk. (Jana Pawla Avenue)

Warsaw Ghetto. The inscription along the sidewalk shows where the ghetto wall used to stand.

Warsaw Ghetto.

The Smartcar found a way.