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On a recent trip to a northern suburb of Philadelphia, I was astounded to come across arterial streets without any sidewalks to speak of.


This was only a few blocks from Sesame Place, an amusement park that touts itself as family-friendly. How about installing some family-friendly sidewalks to allow people to walk to the park? Instead, what I saw was the opposite: multiple “no pedestrian signs” warning people not to walk here. A shameful approach to transportation policy.





I’m sure that Lancaster has more than one type of manhole cover, but this is the only picture I have.

On a related note: As an old city (by American standards), Lancaster has a a combined sewer system and a stormwater overflow problem it is trying to solve with residents’ help.  This short video highlights the city’s efforts to implement green infrastructure– green roofs, porous pavements, expanded tree canopy, and the like:

Photo credit: ATS