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Brookside Gardens in Montgomery County is a lovely place to spend a spring day. With both paved and unpaved walking trails, it offers something for everyone.



Northgate Plaza is a strip mall in Aspen Hill, bordering Rockville and Silver Spring. The stretch of sidewalk along two rows of parking is a welcome surprise. I wonder why it’s so rare to find these pedestrian safety enhancements in parking lots. 

At the Twinbrook metro station Kiss & Ride (passenger drop off) lot,  I came across a sidewalk that tilts to one side. I was the only one trying to use it; those walking in front of me opted to use the parking lot instead. I wonder if this sidewalk is ADA compliant. 

The 10-mile Sligo Creek Trail travels alongside Sligo Creek, which flows through Silver Spring and Takoma Park, Maryland. 

Montgomery County’s Rock Creek Trail is a 14 mile paved path for pedestrians and cyclists that meanders through Rock Creek Regional Park. Going north, it ends at Lake Needwood, and to the south it connects with Rock Creek Park (operated by the National Park Service within the District of Columbia). 

Skywalk in Wheaton, Maryland

Posted: October 4, 2016 in skywalk
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I have mixed feelings about skywalks. On the one hand, they can enhance safety for pedestrians. On the other, skywalks often smell bad and take up more time than crossing at street level.  Getting to the skywalk at the Wheaton, Maryland metro station requires going up two forlorn flights of stairs. (There is also the option of taking a poorly ventilated elevator). I hope that safer street-level pedestrian crossings are taken into consideration when this area of Wheaton gets redeveloped in the coming years.