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A splash of art has uplifted the entrance to Bethesda metro station. It used to be drab and dank, but no longer. The color unifies the space.





The other day, I spent twenty minutes observing the crosswalk that connects the Giant and Kohl’s on Aspen Hill Road. About a month ago, while driving this route towards Georgia Avenue, I almost ran over a pedestrian who was using this crosswalk. I was on the right lane, and the pedestrian was coming from the left. The car to my left had stopped but I didn’t realize the reason why. I finally saw the pedestrian when she was almost directly in front of my car. Was I just not paying attention, or was there a design problem with this crosswalk (or both)?


In the twenty minutes I observed this crosswalk, a total of of sixteen pedestrians crossed the road. I saw one car (traveling on the right lane towards Georgia Avenue) come to a fast halt to avoid hitting a pedestrian, just as I had done a month ago. The issue seems to be a lack of visibility for the driver on the right lane, when the pedestrian is coming from the left and there is also a car on the left lane that hides the pedestrian. Some solutions to address this include signage telling the driver to come to a stop several feet before the sidewalk, and reducing the speed limit from 30 to 25 miles per hour.


One thing that surprised me was watching fully half of the pedestrians crossing the road illegally, sometimes only a few feet away from the crosswalk.


Frederick Manhole Covers

Posted: April 30, 2017 in manhole covers
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One of the highlights of a recent trip to Frederick, Maryland, was coming across a variety of manhole covers.








Frederick, founded in 1745, has sidewalks infused with a sense of history.


Brookside Gardens in Montgomery County is a lovely place to spend a spring day. With both paved and unpaved walking trails, it offers something for everyone.


Northgate Plaza is a strip mall in Aspen Hill, bordering Rockville and Silver Spring. The stretch of sidewalk along two rows of parking is a welcome surprise. I wonder why it’s so rare to find these pedestrian safety enhancements in parking lots. 

At the Twinbrook metro station Kiss & Ride (passenger drop off) lot,  I came across a sidewalk that tilts to one side. I was the only one trying to use it; those walking in front of me opted to use the parking lot instead. I wonder if this sidewalk is ADA compliant.