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Giant of Rockville

Posted: May 13, 2017 in parking lot
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Thank you, Giant of Rockville, for including a pedestrian island in the middle of your parking lot. It’s such a simple yet thoughtful design feature. The trees and benches are nice too. Just remember to leave the pedestrians some room to walk on the sidewalk after they cross from the pedestrian island. Currently, the sidewalk leading to the supermarket is so crammed with flowers that pedestrians have to walk on the road in order to get to the store entrance.






Montgomery County is running a parking lot pedestrian safety campaign. I recently received a campaign flyer in the mail. I’ve also seen Heads Up in Parking Lots signage at a county-owned lot in Wheaton. Both are good ideas, and will hopefully play a hand in reducing pedestrian collisions. However, achieving complete pedestrian safety in parking lots will require overhauling how they are designed.