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sidewalks and manhole covers from around the world


About the Blog:
This is a blog about manhole covers, sidewalks, and other interesting aspects of urban and suburban life and infrastructure. The blog also chronicles challenges and opportunities for creating safer, more walkable communities.

About me (Adriana):
I grew up in a large messy city in southern Brazil. My comfortable childhood in a nice house and high quality private school was contrasted with the favelas I saw other children living in, whose public schools were often out of session due to teacher strikes. In my child’s sense of justice, I wanted to bring order to the chaos, and when I was eight I wrote a list of the things I would do to fix the city if elected mayor.

When I was eleven years old my family immigrated to the US, specifically to a small town in West Virginia. I went through and got over culture shock, learned English, excelled in school, and gained an appreciation for the natural beauty of the Appalachian mountains. I was also drawn closer to the environmental heritage of Brazil, even though the Amazon forest was located thousands of miles away from my Brazilian home city.

In college I became immersed in all things Asian Studies, an interest that grew out of my exchange student experience in Japan while in high school. Upon graduation I landed a job working for a small town hall in Japan. I enjoyed the experience of working at the local government level, helping foreign residents maneuver their way, and teaching Japanese residents about foreign cultures and languages. In graduate school I shifted my focus back to the environment, earning a masters in public policy with a concentration in environment and natural resources.

Since 2003 I have lived in Washington DC and its surroundings.

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