Trails are dedicated spaces for people on foot and bike to get from point A to point B. Many trails go through a forested path, but that is not always the case. I’m more likely to use a trail if it feels safe, is well maintained, and is being used by other people too (I don’t want to be out there all alone). One issue related to trail safety is the access point — can people safely get to the trail?

Case in point: at an entrance to Rock Creek Trail on Russett Road, there is no crosswalk for people on the opposite side of the road who want to access the trail. On more than one occasion I’ve seen families with children and bikes crossing the street mid-block (illegally) to get to the trail. Where the crosswalk should be, there is a ramp that mysteriously ends directly onto a lane of traffic (you can see the ramp that leads to the trail on the Google map below, just behind the speed camera).

Rock Creek Trail entrance

Last week I put in a crosswalk request for this location with the county’s department of transportation (MCDOT). I’m thankful to the Washington Area Bicyclist Association for submitting a letter of support for this project. MCDOT, let’s get this done and make it safer for people to use Rock Creek Trail.