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Street View Reflections in NoMa

Posted: March 31, 2017 in art
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On a sunny day in NoMa, this building’s glass facade reflects the colorful street view.
NoMa 3NoMa 2


On a lunch break from a training, I took a walk around Alexandria. The city’s red brick sidewalks are ubiquitous, and frankly a little monotonous. There were few people walking around, which made me wonder where is everybody else. 

Sidewalks of Wegrow, Poland

Posted: March 21, 2017 in sidewalks
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Wegrow is a small town (population: 12,000) in eastern Poland, located about an hour NE of Warsaw. I took these pictures in 2009 when I visited Poland on a pilgrimage to my paternal grandparents’ homeland. IMG_2713IMG_2943IMG_2944.JPGIMG_2946.JPGIMG_2950IMG_2953.JPGIMG_2951.JPG

Montgomery County is running a parking lot pedestrian safety campaign. I recently received a campaign flyer in the mail. I’ve also seen Heads Up in Parking Lots signage at a county-owned lot in Wheaton. Both are good ideas, and will hopefully play a hand in reducing pedestrian collisions. However, achieving complete pedestrian safety in parking lots will require overhauling how they are designed.