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My neighbors decided to throw an impromptu Halloween party on their front yard, welcoming friends and strangers alike with hotdogs and chips, cider, hot chocolate, an a bonfire. It became the focal point of our neighborhood’s Halloween festivities. 


Northgate Plaza is a strip mall in Aspen Hill, bordering Rockville and Silver Spring. The stretch of sidewalk along two rows of parking is a welcome surprise. I wonder why it’s so rare to find these pedestrian safety enhancements in parking lots. 

These stormwater drains in Alexandria, Virginia, come with a message: Dump No Waste! Drains to Waterways. 

Eastern Market has been around since 1873, but this manhole cover is new. It was installed in 2008 or 2009, in conjunction with the renovation of Eastern Market for fire damage sustained in 2007. Thank you to Linda for the photo. 

At the Twinbrook metro station Kiss & Ride (passenger drop off) lot,  I came across a sidewalk that tilts to one side. I was the only one trying to use it; those walking in front of me opted to use the parking lot instead. I wonder if this sidewalk is ADA compliant. 

The sidewalk is a home of last resort.

The 10-mile Sligo Creek Trail travels alongside Sligo Creek, which flows through Silver Spring and Takoma Park, Maryland.