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A rainy day is a good day to capture sidewalk rain gardens at work. These gardens not only beautify the streetscape, they soak up the rain water on site, thus reducing the amount of stormwater runoff that ends up in our streams and rivers. 


I’ve recently started using one of the best kept secrets of DC: the Metropolitan Branch Trail. Running alongside several stations on the eastern side of Metro’s Red Line, the Met Branch Trail feels secluded in a good sense of the word. On any given day I come across people walking and cycling to work, joggers, teens walking to and from school, moms with strollers, and others. What the trail doesn’t have (except on a small stretch I’ve avoided so far) is interference from cars.

The view along the Met Branch Trail is both great and varied– from old industrial buildings to rail yards to a view of the US Capitol and even great graffiti art (kudos to @PowWowDC).img_1432img_1424img_1430

I recently moved into a house that fronts an interesting sidewalk situation. Both sides of my street have have a sidewalk, but only on half the block. On my side of the street, my house is the first (or last, depending on your point of view) house on the block with a sidewalk in front of it. This picture shows the sidewalk in front of my house, and how it leads into my neighbor’s sidewalk-free property. (The two houses in the background are located across the street). 

There are a few other streets nearby with the same scenario of sidewalks that end mid-block. I am still trying to figure out the reason for this.