My next several posts will feature sidewalks located within walking distance of White Flint Metro station in Montgomery County, Maryland. Today’s feature is the sidewalk that went on a diet. This sidewalk is located on a side entrance to White Flint Mall, about three blocks from the metro. I’m not sure how the shopping mall developer got away with building such a thin sidewalk. I doubt it meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, which call for a minimum sidewalk width of 32 inches (0.815 meters) to allow for wheelchair access. (As an aside, the Federal Highway Administration has a helpful illustrated guide to designing accessible sidewalks.)


The main entrance to the mall is also not very pedestrian-friendly. If you are approaching the mall on foot, your options are to walk on the side of the road next to the cars, or cut through the parking lot (there is a yellow-striped zone for pedestrians, but it offers no physical protection from the cars parking nearby).

The sweet justice is that most of White Flint Mall is slated to be razed and redeveloped as a mixed use community.