Manhole covers and stormwater drains from Istanbul and other places around Turkey

Posted: August 13, 2012 in manhole covers
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Thanks to Leo for taking and sharing these pictures.

  1. Allan MacLeod says:

    Great pictures! I hadn’t really noticed how different all the manholes were in Istanbul. It is also interesting to see the organizational affiliations stamped on these. Here’s what I saw looking at these:
    First one: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Rainwater / Mert Casting LTD
    Second: Beşiktaş, the other letters seem to be an acronym or shortening of something, but I don’t know what. Also, the ‘n’ appears to be stamped upside down!
    Third: Road Maintenance and Repair Directorate / Rainwater. At the top: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
    Fourth: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
    Fifth: İSKİ: İstanbul Su ve Kanalizasyon İdaresi (Istanbul Water and Sewer Administration). I don’t know what buşakle is in English, but if you image search it, it’s the kind of pipe cap you see in the picture, i.e. it’s describing itself. In the middle, İstikamet Döküm (İstikamet Casting) is probably the company making the piece. Istikamet means ‘direction.’
    Sixth: Natural Gas Emergency 187. I assume 187 is the number to call in the event of a natural gas emergency. The other stamp is İgdaş, the name of utility company set up in 1986 to bring natural gas to Istanbul in large quantities. Before then, the city was heated with lignite, a low-grade coal that produces a very nasty smog.
    Seventh: Middle, Kadikoy Municipality. Bottom, Waste. Right side, İstikamet Casting, tel 0212 891 11 03.
    Eighth: Umraniye Municipality. İstikamet Casting, 2005.
    Ninth: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Rainwater. Road Maintenance and Repair Directorate. Mert Casting, 2006.
    Tenth: Same, except made in 2008!
    Eleventh: İSKİ Sewer. Bolu Black Sea Casting 2004. Bolu is a city due east of Istanbul.
    Twelfth: Lots of İSKİ. Istanbul Municipal Authority. Mert Casting 2003.
    Thirteenth: Istanbul Municipal Authority. Black Sea Casting 200(3/8).
    Fourteenth: Turk Telekom. Probably telephone or internet cables!
    Fifteenth: It’s really beaten up. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Lots of İSKİ stamps, and I believe it says rainwater on the right side.

  2. cityist says:

    Allan, thank you for taking the time to translate the manhole covers! Lots of interesting information here.

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