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I’m sure that Lancaster has more than one type of manhole cover, but this is the only picture I have.

On a related note: As an old city (by American standards), Lancaster has a a combined sewer system and a stormwater overflow problem it is trying to solve with residents’ help.  This short video highlights the city’s efforts to implement green infrastructure– green roofs, porous pavements, expanded tree canopy, and the like:

Photo credit: ATS


London manhole covers

Posted: August 17, 2012 in manhole covers
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In honor of the recently concluded Summer Olympics, here are pictures of London manhole covers. 





Photo credit: VH.

 Some technologies just haven’t changed that much in the last two thousand years. Case in point: stormdrains. The picture below is of a Roman Empire stormdrain situated in the ruins of Conimbriga, in central Portugal.


Conimbriga stormdrain


 The Roman ruins at Conimbriga are a forty-five minute bus ride away from the modern-day city of Coimbra, where this stormdrain picture was taken. 

Coimbra stormdrain

Osaka manhole covers

Posted: August 15, 2012 in manhole covers
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Japan is well-known (at least among manhole cover enthusiasts) for its intricately designed manhole covers. My favorite among these Osaka manhole covers is the one depicting water splashing from a faucet.






Photo credit: ATS.







Thanks to Leo for taking and sharing these pictures.

Moscow manhole covers

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My colleague Barry went to Moscow this past winter. He braved sub-zero temperatures and suspicious policemen to take these pictures of manhole covers for me. Thanks Barry!

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Delta triangle
Cross diamond