Today is the start of New York City week on this blog.  Normally a “week” of something starts on a Monday, but I’m running a bit behind.Today’s focus is what I’m dubbing “side-sidewalks.”  These are sidewalks that are built directly adjacent to other sidewalks. It’s hard to picture what this means without seeing it, so take a look at the photos below.

A side-sidewalk. On the right is a traditional sidewalk. On the left, directly adjacent to the sidewalk is a second sidewalk that was built over what used to be an entire block of curb-side parking spots.
The side-sidewalk is two steps higher. Underneath the steps is probably a stormwater drain.


The side-sidewalk offers plenty of seating options.


Behind where the cyclist is standing is a barrier to alert drivers that the lane ahead is a side-sidewalk, not a driving lane.
I took these photos in Lower Manhattan.