Portuguese pavement usually consists of stylized patterns that look cool but don’t resemble anything in nature (or only have a vague resemblance). In Curitiba, I saw a rare example of a sidewalk inspired by nature.
The tree depicted in this Portuguese pavement is a type of pine that is native to Curitiba and its surrounding region. This distinctive pine has many names, including Pinheiro do Parana, Curi, Curiuva, Pinheiro-Araucaria, and Pinheiro Sao Jose.
An interesting side note is that the word “Curitiba”  is derived from the Tupi-Guarani indigenous words “curi” and “tiba.”  “Curi” means pine, and “tiba” means abundant, so Curitiba means a “place of abundant pines.”  The Tingui tribe of the Tupi-Guarani nation were the first settlers of this region of Brazil.