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I welcome you to submit your pictures of interesting sidewalks and manhole covers for posting here. Email them to sidewalkcityblog AT

On a lunch break from a training, I took a walk around Alexandria. The city’s red brick sidewalks are ubiquitous, and frankly a little monotonous. There were few people walking around, which made me wonder where is everybody else. 

Sidewalks of Wegrow, Poland

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Wegrow is a small town (population: 12,000) in eastern Poland, located about an hour NE of Warsaw. I took these pictures in 2009 when I visited Poland on a pilgrimage to my paternal grandparents’ homeland. IMG_2713IMG_2943IMG_2944.JPGIMG_2946.JPGIMG_2950IMG_2953.JPGIMG_2951.JPG

Montgomery County is running a parking lot pedestrian safety campaign. I recently received a campaign flyer in the mail. I’ve also seen Heads Up in Parking Lots signage at a county-owned lot in Wheaton. Both are good ideas, and will hopefully play a hand in reducing pedestrian collisions. However, achieving complete pedestrian safety in parking lots will require overhauling how they are designed. 


George Washington University in DC has its own manhole cover design. The manhole cover pictures here is located next to the Foggy Bottom metro station. I’ve walked on this block dozens of times before and yet today was the first time I noticed the unique design on this manhole cover. 

Miami Sidewalks– Pedestrians Beware

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Miami has a high walkability score (78 out of 100) and ranks as the fifth most walkable city in America. It also has some artfully designed crosswalks. However, pedestrians need to be on high alert to survive a walk unscathed.  Sidewalks are pockmarked with driveways and cars will not frequently yield to a pedestrian, even when the pedestrian has the right of way.



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One of my favorite books as a child growing up in Brazil in the 1980’s was “Cidades” (“Cities”).  With its colorful illustrations of cities and settlements from around the world, this book sparked my interest in urban planning. I recently leafed through it and was pleasantly surprised to see that “Cidades” didn’t shy away from discussing favelas, a social issue which is even more pronounced today. 

The Street as Sidewalk

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I try to avoid walking on streets that lack sidewalks, but that can be hard to do in Japanese small towns. In Konan, for instance, most streets in the older neighborhoods consist of a single lane that must be shared by cars going both directions, pedestrians, and cyclists. Because of the narrow street width, drivers slow down. Strategically placed signs warn children to look out for cars and trains. (See if you can spot a Pokemon warning sign in the first photo below).



The last picture (above) is of a relatively newer neighborhood in Konan, with a sidewalk running along one side of the street.